I am currently looking for female (identified), non-conforming and trans models, of all ages, sizes, ethnicities, and abilities. I am also open to working with children and adolescents. It is important to me that my work reflects the true diversity of contemporary bodies, particularly those that are underrepresented in our culture. At this time I cannot offer monetary compensation, but you will receive a small gift (from my work) as a thank you. I am incredibly grateful for all of the amazing and confident people who agree to be a part of my work.

Modeling Process

I sculpt from photographs, so you only need to meet with me once in preparation for a sculpture. I will have you pose on a small rotating stand while I take high quality images of you, stopping to photograph many times until we have done an entire rotation. I will also take some additional detail shots. The process is relaxed. You can talk the whole time, and take breaks and move around when needed, but it does take several hours. The photographs are for my reference only, and will only be used as aids while I am sculpting. 

Most of my models are comfortable with complete nudity, but if you have specific reservations please discuss them with me. For this body of work, many of the sculptures will not be a whole figure, so they could be upper body only, or lower body only. I'm willing to work with you so that you are completely comfortable with the modeling session and resulting sculptures. If you are unable to stand for long periods of time, or have other limitations we can work out a pose that you are able to hold. 

I do not usually sculpt faces in my work so you can be as anonymous as you like. Feel free to tell people that you are in my work, or not. I will not share your information. 


Woman with Fins and Aperitif Glasses low res.jpg

The image on the left is my first sculpture from my current series. These pieces are inspired both by the bodies of my models and artistic motifs used in the French Decorative Arts during the 17th and 18th centuries (see images below for examples). In the image on the left I combined the body of a model with a siren motif common at that time. Each sculpture will be unique, playing with different elements and imagery. 

The bodies will also become mechanisms of display, forming ornate shelves, or including cavities that house objects. On the left, the surface at the top of the sculpture is a small shelf supporting two hand blown aperitif glasses. I am working with a metal fabricator and a glassblower to create the objects that are housed within and upon the bodies that I sculpt.

Each sculpture is a collaboration with the body of my model, so planning out your sculpture will depend on our meeting and photo session. 

To learn more about me and the ideas behind my work please see the About page and please contact with me with any questions as you're deciding whether you're interested in working with me.